At Harmony, we can tailor individual training session based on your needs. Just you, perfect! Have a family or large group, more the merrier! And remember, we also offer Horse Boarding, Consulting and Barrel Training! Give us a call so we can find a program that’s just right for you!

Horse Consulting
Do you have "Problem Horses?" We can help! We work with clients that have fear issues and problem horses and bring them together.

Horse Training
This class uses yourself and your horse. It teaches you HOW to train your own horse! When you train your horse, you create a bond that will never be broken! I will teach you my techniques and tools.

Riding Lessons
Get a hands on riding lesson to teach you from the basics to complete care. This class prepares you for all types of horses and their personalities with natural horsemanship training.

Parenting Class
Take a personal class that helps create HARMONY in your home and relationships. This is a hands on class using horses as your teaching aid.

Horse Boarding
Need Boarding services? Harmony Ranch has stall with turnout, Lighted Arena, Round Pen.

Barrel Practice
Every month starting on May 9th from 6pm to 9pm. The practices will be every 4 weeks.