Parenting Class

Creating Synergy in Parenting.  As a parent, I personally have struggled through the ups and downs of life as well.  That’s why I know more than ever that you must heal, grow and increase your knowledge to have harmony within your family. So, my class is for anyone who is struggling with parenting.

This class helps create HARMONY in your home and within your relationships. This class will help parents to better discipline you children, building relationships and creating consistency. We help parents by providing ideas to help improve HARMONY within your home. Again, this is a hands-on class with HORSES! If you have any questions, contact me at 407-860-5147.

Class testimonials

“Attended the parenting class and it was amazing. One of a kind learning experience. I highly recommend Miss Dara to everyone.” – Annie Miller

“I had a wonderful training lesson this morning at Harmony Ranch with Mrs. Dara. She is so helpful, honest, understanding and informative. I can’t wait until next week, I’ve learned so much from my first session. Love her and Harmony Ranch!” - Tiffany Williams

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