Why Horse Bonding is Important

Even though horses have been domesticated for many, many years, they are still very much wild creatures with their own wills. Anyone who has owned or been around horses is aware that you must create a special and serious bond with them in order to earn their trust, loyalty and friendship. They also know that this is not easy work! Whether you have owned horses in the past or are a new horse owner, learning and developing a bond with them is very important for the both of you. Remember, horses are like any other social creature and the more time, love, and energy you put into your relationship with them, the more you will both get out of it. Below are some ways you can read and discover techniques and situations that are beneficial for you and your horse’s bonding.

  • Groom & Touch Your Horse. Just as humans, touch is a familiar and important way to create a bond between you and your horse. Gently stroking your horse’s body using both of your hands and physically caring for them will for sure increase their trust. Massaging can also be a great way to introduce the bond particularly in areas your horse cannot reach. Another physical way to create a positive bond with your horse is to groom him/her. Horses like social grooming with each other, so either way your horse enjoys grooming; win win.
  • Follow Your Horse’s Body Language. Noticing and understanding your horse’s body language is important because this is the main way they communicate. Each horse’s body language differs, however if you learn the common ones it will assist you in getting familiar with them.
    • Scared- scared or disturbed horses will throw their heads back and their eyes will become wide and pupils small.
    • Alerted- warned horses will lift their head high, their ears will be forward and their eyes will be wide.
    • Aggressive- violent horses will bear their teeth, flare their noses and widen their eyes.
  • Exercise with Groundwork. Finding a groundwork exercise that you and your horse can do together allows your horse to see you as a leader of their herd. This immediately eliminates questions of authority as well as any power struggles.
  • Spend Quality Time with Your Horse. To develop a true and everlasting bond with your horse, you must spend time with them outside of training, grooming and groundwork. It is suggested to just spend time and “hang-out” with your horse. Spending relaxing and calming time with them in their stall or even taking them for walks will help you gain their trust. Even having calm and soothing conversations with them like you would a friend, family member or someone you love is also great therapy for you. Don’t be hesitant to let your horse explore and investigate you physically, let them sniff you, nuzzle you and cuddle with you if they please.

 About Harmony Ranch – Orlando, FL

With my experience in both training as well as I am a parent who knows first-hand what dysfunction can do to a home and have also had the struggles with domestic abuse, I know how to help those move forward in their lives! I am here as a personal coach/trainer to help those wanting to learn more. I offer the following services:  Domestic Violence Recovery with Horses, Horse Bonding, Horse Riding Lessons, Horse Therapy, Horse Training, Horsemanship Training, Parenting Aid with Horses, and Stress Relief with Horses. I am there 100% for all my programs to teach and give to those in need.

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