How Horses Heal

Many horse owners already know and understand the benefit’s one can receive from these magnificent beings. Grooming, feeding and spending time with a horse is no doubt a therapeutic exercise. Horses are proven to reduce stress, relieve depression, heal trauma and improve overall health and mood, so it is no question that horses can be used as ways of therapy. “Equine Therapy” is a popular method used to treat a variety of problems. From addicts to domestic abuse victims, horses can act as emotional mirrors for humans by feeding off of our energy and responding to the way we are feeling. Horses have a potent emotional sense and never hide their emotions, forcing one to open up and start to heal. It can be intimidating at first if you have never been around a horse, but once people understand and become familiar with these animals, you become accustomed to their temperament and can start communicating with them on a non-physical level. Horses help humans discover and show their emotional baggage, uncomfortable feelings and any traumatic event that has happened in their life. Any sort of emotion a person is going through at any given moment, a horse will then reciprocate it also providing assistance to the therapist at hand. Below are a couple qualities humans and horses share that can help them relate on a deeper level, further proving why equine therapy can be used with any healing process…

Listen & Trust. Horses are no doubt magical creatures and are wonderful companions when it comes to spending time with. Horses are honest and gentle despite their size, and do not have the capability to judge, manipulate or lie. By simply interacting and confiding in a horse, humans can break down walls built from pain associated with past experiences and start their journey to finally healing. Horses will be there to listen and provide strength and light in the most weakest and darkest times in a person’s life by ultimately just existing. It does not take much from a horse for a human to feel apart of a “normal” life again. Horses can teach and remind you to be in the moment and become present with every part of life.

Action & Effort. Horses require us to take action and put forth effort. They are dependent on us for food, water, grooming, exercise and cleaning/maintaining their home. Humans can relate to this whether it is taking care of a family, business, community, friends or our own daily needs. So by working hard and showing up in healthy ways these skills can also be learned by engaging with horses.

About Harmony Ranch – Orlando, FL

With my experience in both training as well as I am a parent who knows first-hand what dysfunction can do to a home and have also had the struggles with domestic abuse, I know how to help those move forward in their lives! I am here as a personal coach/trainer to help those wanting to learn more. I offer the following services:  Domestic Violence Recovery with Horses, Horse Bonding, Horse Riding Lessons, Horse Therapy, Horse Training, Horsemanship Training, Parenting Aid with Horses, and Stress Relief with Horses. I am there 100% for all my programs to teach and give to those in need.

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