Benefits of Horseback Riding Lessons for Children

Horseback riding not only can benefit adults, it is also proven to help children. Aside from being a great outdoor activity, horseback riding can also teach children vital life lessons and emotional stability. Read below to understand how and why horseback riding can shape your child’s future for the better.

Fun Exercise. It can be hard to find a fun activity besides your typical sports to keep your child in good physical health. Horseback riding lessons are a great way to give your child’s body a FULL workout and keep them active. Horseback riding requires balance, core strength as well as all muscles in the body to be performed correctly and safely. It is not at all means a simple activity and will sustain optimum physical health and strength.

Stress Relief. Horseback riding lessons can help your child unplug and relax from their daily routines. It also helps them get away from technology, phones and television, especially in today’s world. Instead of seeing the world through a screen, children can embrace and be in nature while sitting upon a beautiful creature.

Builds Character & Confidence. Horseback riding can help children establish a sense of self and control in their lives. Horses have helped many children conquer fear and bring about their self-esteem; after all it isn’t easy to manage a thousand pound animal! Horseback riding for children is specifically designed for them, providing the opportunity to learn and grow in a strong and safe environment. It is also a non-competitive and non-judgmental space for your child to feel confident and accomplished in. When a child can feel connected to an animal or companion, they naturally become more gentle and loving themselves. Caring for an animal can help your child develop positive character and traits such as empathy, patience, care, responsibility and discipline.

Leadership & Scholastic Enhancement. The perseverance needed to learn how to ride a horse can translate well into the classroom. Horseback riding lessons can improve a child’s focus and intensity as well as ability to concentrate. Also, by learning how to lead a horse, children can develop their leadership skills and associate these skills with opportunities later on in their future.

About Harmony Ranch – Orlando, FL

With my experience in both training as well as I am a parent who knows first-hand what dysfunction can do to a home and have also had the struggles with domestic abuse, I know how to help those move forward in their lives! I am here as a personal coach/trainer to help those wanting to learn more. I offer the following services:  Domestic Violence Recovery with Horses, Horse Bonding, Horse Riding Lessons, Horse Therapy, Horse Training, Horsemanship Training, Parenting Aid with Horses, and Stress Relief with Horses. I am there 100% for all my programs to teach and give to those in need.

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