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Benefits of Horseback Riding Lessons for Children

Horseback riding not only can benefit adults, it is also proven to help children. Aside from being a great outdoor activity, horseback riding can also teach children vital life lessons and emotional stability. Read below to understand how and why horseback riding can shape your child’s future for the better. Fun Exercise. It can be…
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How Horses Heal

Many horse owners already know and understand the benefit’s one can receive from these magnificent beings. Grooming, feeding and spending time with a horse is no doubt a therapeutic exercise. Horses are proven to reduce stress, relieve depression, heal trauma and improve overall health and mood, so it is no question that horses can be…
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Why Horse Bonding is Important

Even though horses have been domesticated for many, many years, they are still very much wild creatures with their own wills. Anyone who has owned or been around horses is aware that you must create a special and serious bond with them in order to earn their trust, loyalty and friendship. They also know that…
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Parenting Class

Creating Synergy in Parenting.  As a parent, I personally have struggled through the ups and downs of life as well.  That’s why I know more than ever that you must heal, grow and increase your knowledge to have harmony within your family. So, my class is for anyone who is struggling with parenting. This class…
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